Nazca Dignified Forms Scarf C001

$99 $119

The Nazca Dignified Forms Scarf has been inspired by the colours, forms and symbols of the Nazca culture (100BC - 600AD)

The Nazca textiles contain motifs portraying local fauna and plants, scenes of subsistence activities, supernatural beings and deities associated with water and agricultural fertility. This culture is widely known for the Nazca Lines, enigmatic, amazing and huge figures drawn on the desert of the central coast of Peru. 

This piece is part of the Amano by Sol Alpaca collection which contributes to the ongoing restoration work, research and maintenance of the Amano Museum in Lima, Peru.

It will make you glow! A great gift idea for you and your loved ones.

70% Baby Alpaca 30% Silk

Length: 200cm

Width: 40cm

Made in Peru


Dry clean only

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