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Finest Peruvian Baby Alpaca Wool

Designed in Australia

Sustainably & Ethically Sourced

Since 1931


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Experience the luxury of our fine Alpaca knitwear designed in Australia made in Peru.Sign up to be first to hear about sales, new product launches, and Sol Alpaca news.

Women's Alpaca Capes & Ponchos

Capes and ponchos were initially items for protection. As our wonderful world evolved both became carriers of beauty and refinement through which people make diverse statements - beauty, harmony, excellence, cooperation and more.
We invite you to make yours, because everyone's statement counts!

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Inclined Poncho Reversible C003 - AlpacaInclined Poncho Reversible C003 - Alpaca
Short Triangles Poncho C006Short Triangles Poncho C006
Short Triangles Poncho C006 Sale price$385.00
Reversible Soft Cape C002Reversible Soft Cape C002
Reversible Soft Cape C002 Sale price$500.00
Cubic Poncho Reversible C002Cubic Poncho Reversible C002
Short Triangles Poncho C007Short Triangles Poncho C007
Short Triangles Poncho C007 Sale price$385.00
Short Triangles Poncho C005Short Triangles Poncho C005
Short Triangles Poncho C005 Sale price$385.00
Sold outShort Triangles Poncho C001Short Triangles Poncho C001
Short Triangles Poncho C001 Sale price$385.00
Gala Reversible Cape C003Gala Reversible Cape C003
Gala Reversible Cape C003 Sale price$420.00
Gala Reversible Cape C002Gala Reversible Cape C002
Gala Reversible Cape C002 Sale price$420.00
Gala Reversible Cape C001Gala Reversible Cape C001
Gala Reversible Cape C001 Sale price$420.00
Mantita Cape C002Mantita Cape C002
Mantita Cape C002 Sale price$410.00
Mantita Cape C001Mantita Cape C001
Mantita Cape C001 Sale price$410.00
Andgyle Poncho C002Andgyle Poncho C002
Andgyle Poncho C002 Sale price$248.00
Sold outCruces Poncho S-C003Cruces Poncho S-C003
Cruces Poncho S-C003 Sale price$319.00
Cubic Poncho Reversible C005Cubic Poncho Reversible C005
The manta cape C002The manta cape C002
The manta cape C002 Sale price$490.00