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Finest Peruvian Baby Alpaca Wool

Designed in Australia

Sustainably & Ethically Sourced

Since 1931


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Experience the luxury of our fine Alpaca knitwear designed in Australia made in Peru.Sign up to be first to hear about sales, new product launches, and Sol Alpaca news.


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Jersey Zipped Cardigan 403Jersey Zipped Cardigan 403
Jersey Zipped Cardigan 403 Sale price$343.00
Jersey Zipped Cardigan RJ15107Jersey Zipped Cardigan RJ15107
Embroidered Intarsia Cardigan C006Embroidered Intarsia Cardigan C006
The Herd Reversible Cardigan C009The Herd Reversible Cardigan C009
A-Shape Coat With Pockets C003A-Shape Coat With Pockets C003
Transfers Multi Colour Cardigan C002Transfers Multi Colour Cardigan C002
Transfers Multi Colour Cardigan C001Transfers Multi Colour Cardigan C001
Jacquard Bomber Cardigan C002Jacquard Bomber Cardigan C002
Reversible Bomber Cardigan C003Reversible Bomber Cardigan C003
Embroidered Intarsia Cardigan C005Embroidered Intarsia Cardigan C005
The Herd Reversible Cardigan C010The Herd Reversible Cardigan C010
The Herd Reversible Cardigan C006The Herd Reversible Cardigan C006
A-Shape Coat With Pockets C001A-Shape Coat With Pockets C001
Jacquard Bomber Cardigan C001Jacquard Bomber Cardigan C001
Transfers Multi Colour Cardigan C003Transfers Multi Colour Cardigan C003
Reversible Ribbed Cardigan C002Reversible Ribbed Cardigan C002
Basic Raglan Sleeves Cardigan M5206Basic Raglan Sleeves Cardigan M5206